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What you need to know about email marketing in 2022

In case you’re wondering, email marketing is still a valuable tool for marketing in 2022. Even in the dawn of newer and seemingly better marketing tools like mobile marketing, social media marketing, influencer marketing, etc. Don’t start ignoring your email database just because there are new methods on the market.

One of the biggest factors that shaped today’s marketing climate is definitely the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether consciously or subconsciously, having a sudden sense of unpredictability made a lot of people reevaluate their priorities and which brands they will place their trust into or support going forward.

Upon observation, consumers now place great importance in a brand’s personality and the way it interacts with the community. They place great importance in finding out what the community feels about a brand rather than names and looks. They are also drawn towards a marketing approach that feels more personalized.

Whether you feel that personalized ads are good or bad—One thing is for sure is that it truly works. There is so much content to be consumed online, that it makes sense for people to gravitate towards content that is truly aimed for them to save time.

So, if you’re needing some fresh new insight about how email marketing works in 2022, here is your quick refresher, courtesy of your team from Raspberry IT Services. Giving you structured ideas for content or cool new email marketing tools that you and your market will enjoy, to help inspire a stronger brand presence and potentially deliver a better market performance.

Micro-segmented and Personalized Email Marketing Content

Since we’re just coming from the topic of personalization, here’s something that will be super useful. You can also make personalized content for email marketing.

This is accomplished by deep diving into your database’ and categorizing clients further down to their specific preferences about your product that they mentioned in passing or through actual inquiries and arranging them into their respective email lists.

You can accomplish it by simply profiling your clientele based on recommendations. i.e. if Client 1 availed the products X, Y, and Z, they are part of Category A or your email list. Going by this information, you may put Client 2 who purchased product X recently in the same Category A data hoping maybe product y or z would interest Client 2.

You can arrange email lists based on one product, or customer profiles like a birth month, ages, Gender, or location, depends on what kind/s of information you have available to you.

From here, you can make sure to send promotions catered to which clients are celebrating their birthdays this month, which products are appropriate for which age groups, or gauge which clients would like to hear about a promotion or availability of a specific product based on their previous purchase.

You can also get some more insight on your market’s interest by giving surveys to have a better gauge how to create your email lists. It also serves as an interactive part of your email campaigns so that your clients remember doing something fun and engaging with your content.

Micro-segmented, personalized email content for specific email lists is a little harder to upkeep and maintain as it needs to be regularly updated. However, if done right, it is a sure key to increasing your open rate by over 200%.

User Generated Email Marketing Content

If you’ve been in the internet often enough, chances are, you are familiar with user-generated content in one way or another. This pertains to brand content that highlights their community. Things like posting photos with the product or service, or taking videos using the product, and giving reviews about the product or service.

How do you incorporate User Generated Content on your email marketing?

Simple, build organic online relationships with your users/ community. Communicate and ask them for feedback about your product or services, testimonials can be used as content for your emails, along with photos.

While this content is not directly selling, it builds foundation for your clients to build trust in what your brand can offer. It gives them something to remember you by, and potentially have you first on their mind once they’re ready to avail what you have to offer.

Artificial Intelligence enters the Email Marketing Game

One sure proof that email marketing is not dying down anytime soon is backed up by the fact that AIs are now entering the scene to assist businesses in creating effective email content.

There is so much helpful data out there that AIs are able to pick up and analyze to come up with more effective email marketing content. Things like which product pages a certain client profile visits or which products are added to the card most frequently.

We can definitely predict a rising trend with the use of AIs in email marketing, helpful with arranging things like predicting the content that will work with your email lists, refining on survey results to update email lists, choosing the best time and day to send out your emails, picking effective subject lines for higher open rates, cleaning up, maintaining, or updating your email lists.

Basically, if you’re able to seek the assistance of an AI to refine your email marketing campaigns, it will 100% improve your overall efficiency and make sure that you’re at the top of your game with your email marketing.


Mobile-friendly Email Marketing

In case you’re still doubtful that email marketing works, try to imagine it in the following scenario. If you’re thinking “I don’t even check my emails, I would never see what these companies are selling me”, you’re closing yourself off from a real potential market.

More than a PC setup, most people in the world today would highly likely be on their phones at every hour of every day. Browsing their socials, playing games, watching their shows, grocery shopping, ordering food, banking transactions, even conducting their business.

While on their phone, they could be seeing a push notification of your email campaign with your carefully-selected eye-catching subject lines and they may feel inclined to check it out. There is nothing to lose in taking the time to make sure that someone sees your brand name for even a second of a day, reminding them of your presence in the market.

However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You will also have to step it up with an email marketing design that is equipped to look amazing in both desktop and mobile. That right there explains the importance of device optimization for your future email campaigns.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Congratulations, your subject line was effective and your email was opened by a curious client. However, if the content of your email does not load correctly on their device or it looks clunky and messed up, the engagement could be gone just as fast.

Design Trends of Email Marketing

Speaking on the matter of device responsiveness for email marketing, we also have to shed some light on the importance of what design approach to take going forward. One of which is decluttered, ‘short and sweet’ email marketing. Make your emails straight to the point that the first look upon opening gives your client a good idea of what to expect.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

But this shouldn’t be confused with straight-up selling for the opener of your emails. One workaround is definitely to go at with a touch of personalization so that you’re getting to the point since the email is specifically targeted for the recipient. Your clients will invest more attention into something that they know is catered to their needs.

You will also have to make sure that you’re picking out easy-to-read fonts, colors, and photos that are eye-catching but not heavy on the eyes. Make sure that your texts are not too heavy, easy-to-understand or are understood even when the viewer is only sifting through without reading.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Choose complementary, engaging colors that are not too heavy on the eyes. Some email marketing campaigns would even go a step further and design campaigns that can be viewed in dark mode as it is less strenuous on the eyes.

Lastly, another way to achieve a sense of interactive and engaging content is to incorporate some animated photos / GIFs, some simple HTML animations on image when a client hovers their mouse on the image is also good practice. If you can make content that encourages an element of competition or promises a reward for participation, it would definitely get some traction.

Will you be practising these email marketing techniques?

In conclusion, email marketing will not be an obsolete business marketing tool in the next foreseeable future. There is still room to improve on current practices and seeing how new technologies will continue to be used to improve on the efficacy of email marketing, the best thing to do is to continue growing with the trends and shaping your business up to keep up with the market trends.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Are you actively marketing your business to your clients via email marketing? Does any of the points mentioned in this article sound like your next business practice? Would you like to know more of how you can use email marketing to reach your clients? Our team would be happy to know what you think.

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