Raspberry IT Services Your Technology Suite Partner Explained

Raspberry IT Services is the brainchild of AFC Holidays’ key members. The company has become one of the leading providers of Escorted Group Travels to many nationalities in the UAE for more than 25 years. However, in 2020, a worldwide economic standstill especially impacted the Travel and Tourism industry. Somewhere in the midst, was a realization that our trade experience was more than simply inspiring a world of adventures.

Our team was always driven, innovative, inspired, and resourceful. We’ve always been one or two steps ahead when it came to developing our own business tools, we are self-sufficient and invested a lot of our time into software development so that we could offer reliable travel services to our clients.

And Raspberry IT Services was born. Because if we can develop our own tools to perfectly fit our needs and prospects for growth as part of AFC Holidays, we can definitely offer the same dedication to more businesses in the UAE, giving them the same opportunity to achieve more.

Our Mission

We are brand partners–  aiming to help our fellow businesses in the U.A.E. to reach their full potential with a strong online impression and presence. We are your technology suite partner, the one place that can deliver 100% assistance every step of the way.


The Raspberry kind of service

Our service comes with the commitment to be “Always Uniquely Different”. We make sure that our projects are unlike any other because that’s how we know that it works perfectly for each different business goal.

Information Technology has a wide span of requirements. Be it website design, software development, digital marketing, business solutions, web and cloud hosting, email hosting, or even online content that meets SEO-Friendly Standard (Search Engine Optimization). Not to mention the heavy infrastructure that goes into application, system, or software creation. And the importance of a secure online payment gateway that protects the business and their clients

We’ve had our fair share of developing mobile applications in the pursuit of making uniquely different services for our clients. So you can expect a lot of dedication and care so that we may together achieve more.

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