Security is an important aspect of our services. Berry and its affiliates are dedicated to protecting your privacy. This Privacy Policy applies to Berry’s collection of information and data when you engage with our websites, products, and services.

Our Security and Risk Management Goals

We always make sure to provide best customer Trust and Protection. We continually provide exceptional products and services to our clients while protecting their privacy and confidentiality.

We ensure ongoing availability of the service and data to all authorized individuals and proactively minimize the security risks threatening service continuity.

Information and service integrity entails ensuring that client information is never compromised or inappropriately altered.


Our Differentiators

Cloud4C: World’s 1st and only Tier4 cloud

Local Hosting: Highest uptime in the industry with near zero downtime

99.995%: Highest uptime in the industry with near zero downtime

Pro-active 24X7X365: Monitoring ensures that critical business processes and services are highly available

Single SLA: From Infra to App

24X7 Support: Phone and Email support with Escalation Matrix

Security Guide: Berry contains tools that enable your teams to achieve compliance with confidence and security infrastructure that safeguards your data


Basic Security
The Berry security features help you empower your users to do their jobs safely and efficiently. Berry limits the exposure of data to the users that act on it. Implement security controls that you think are appropriate for the sensitivity of your data. We’ll work together to protect your data from unauthorized access from outside your company and from inappropriate usage by your users.

User Authentication:
By verifying that each user logged in is who they claim to be, authentication means preventing illegal access to your organization’s systems or data.

Data Access:

One of the crucial choices that impact data security is selecting the data set that each user or group of users can access. You must strike a balance between restricting access to data, which lowers the chance of it being stolen or used improperly, and the practicality of using that data.

History Monitoring:

Keep track of login and field history, keep an eye on setup adjustments, and react to events.


How safe is your data in our cloud?

4 copies of the data for easy disaster recovery and zero data loss.

For high availability, two copies of the data will be retained in the main data center via synchronous replication. A third copy of the data will be stored as a backup in another data center. Asynchronous replication will be used to maintain the fourth copy as a backup in a separate data center and seismic zone.

Zero latency, maximum availability, and multiple connectivities

many connectivity alternatives from the biggest telecom providers. For high availability, there are two meet-me rooms. a massive 18GBPS bandwidth capacity, with expanded MPLS and point-to-point connectivity support factors.

Services for advanced monitoring, security, and role-based access.

Proactive resource monitoring and warnings, as well as advanced monitoring services such as role-based monitoring, application monitoring, security monitoring, IDS & IPS protection, SIEM, LOG Analyzer, and many more.

World-class Tier 4 Infrastructure 

State-of-the-art infrastructure with 8-level physical security making it the most secure Datacentre in the world with the highest uptime of 99.995% at the infrastructure layer

Tier 4 infrastructure of the highest caliber.

Modern architecture with 8 levels of physical security makes it the most secure data centre in the world, with a 99.995% uptime at the infrastructure layer.

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