1. How are you unique in the market?

BerryCRM is developed based on years of experience and expertise and our system have designed with a simplified user interface and experience.  We believe that the technology will help in reducing workload and our systems will help the team especially sales agents to automate their process and help them focus on an important aspect of business which is “sales”.

2. Do I need to be tech-savvy in order to use BerryCRM?

You certainly do not have to be an expert in technology, our solutions are simplified for layman usage with limited technical knowledge. We listen to your requirement and update the solution to cater to your needs.

3. How much time will it take for you onboard my Company?

Once we build the workflow, and scope of work and create budgets you can start using your application within 7 working days.

4. How do you guarantee product quality?

Our solutions are tried and tested and we believe in quality products. We test our work before handover i.e development tests and acceptance tests, along with evaluating your progress during your trial period and helping ease the transition from manual to automotive work.

5. How do you accept payment for the mentioned plan and maintain the project live timelines?

You can pay for our systems through bank transfers provided on your quotes and invoices. Any upgrades will be linked to online payment gateways and the payments can be made using either a bank transfer or an online system.

6. Do you upgrade your systems or is the currently available version is completed version?

We believe in improving and enhancing our products at regular intervals to give better versions of CRM solutions to our clients. We listen to our creative team and clients to continuously provide better versions of existing BerryCRM solutions.

7. Can you integrate BerryCRM into third-party applications?

Yes, you require to only provide us with API documentation and we can easily integrate your requested solutions. Integrations will be charged based on man-hours spent reviewing and integrating the application with our system.

8. Can you set a hierarchy in your system based on what each user can access and who can view the data and leads flow?

Yes, the system already has user rights based on contact, enquiry and report access. if you wish to create a hierarchy within the system this can be created based on our initial communication.

9. How can I migrate data from Excel/ workbook or existing CRM solutions to Berry CRM? Will the system create duplicate contacts?

You may start getting your leads using landing pages directly on Berry CRM. We have a feature to auto-upload your contacts and Company with one click and the data can be migrated without any delays or duplication. BerryCRM only maintains unique values linked to email and phone numbers and thus there is no fear of any duplications.

10. Do you have case management in your CRM?

Yes, our upgraded plan has a case module that will help you to keep track of your complaints and solutions.

11. I would like to get a customized dashboard and report, is this available?

Yes. But it comes with a cost.

12. Is my data safe?

Yes. All data is backed up every day and is secured.

13. Are the customers’ passwords safe?

Yes, The passwords are stored in a highly encrypted manner and cannot be decrypted. Along with this, the users can update their password at regular intervals.

14. Do you have marketing management in your CRM?

Yes, but it is a basic plan to review how each of the marketing platforms is performing. With BerryC RM, you can set campaigns to track your leads and get ROI based on it. Please be advised that we don’t link BerryCRM to your social media pages. all promotions must be done directly on the media.