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Business Website: 3 Myths You Need to Debunk Now for Online Success Boost

In this article, we will discuss the 3 biggest reasons why businesses (big or small) are not making a business website. Then we will debunk these misunderstandings. Finally, amplifying the reason why the best time to start a website is TODAY.

What’s stopping you from creating a business website?

Research says that there are 3 primary reasons why business owners opt out of creating a business website.

1. It’s difficult

Firstly, creating a website began as something only reputable establishments did. Of course, this was the case at the beginning of the internet. For instance, saying only big companies with global reach should have a website. Because they have the capacity to hire teams of developers to make it. However, this is not true. There is an influx of establishments willing to offer website design services. Additionally, there are multiple platforms offering to make this process an easy DIY. Designing a business website has never been easier, almost anyone could do it– even you can! Still, this doesn’t mean you can commission just anyone. Investing in a website can hurt you if the person responsible for it will not commit enough. They have to make sure your website design is the best fit for your needs. By this, it means trusting your website in good hands. Towards people who will spend a laborious amount of time configuring the following:

  • SEO optimization – Make sure that you are using the right photos and content. Ensure that your business will be at the top should someone search your service on Google
  • Responsive design – Making sure that your website looks cohesive on all devices
  • File compression – Make sure that all your files are the right size and wouldn’t disrupt your website performance.
  • Schema markup – Advanced tool derived from SEO Optimization. This allows websites to be featured at the top of the page organically. This is through having informative content on their website.

Above are just four of the initial overwhelming– but not completely difficult tasks that come with website design.

2. It’s expensive

Besides thinking it’s difficult, most business owners think that having a website comes with a price. This was relatively true in the past. However, there is a great demand for being online as a business. With that, came a large number of companies offering these exact services. Consequently coming up with more ways to make the expenses more accessible to the market. Here’s what we can tell you, as long as you know the right sources that will cover the basics. This includes hosting, domain name, and design that you need, you have nothing to worry about. The only reason websites become more expensive is dependent on how many plugins and extensions you have. On top of how much customization you want to put into your website. For example, wanting advanced motion graphics elements or branding designs.

3. My company doesn’t need a “business website”

Most businesses seem to think they already get plenty of business offline. Also saying that they are already having so much work and a website will make it worse. There is also speculation that websites are only for certain industries. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. On getting plenty of offline business and fear that attracting more business from online networks. The majority of people look up a website to know answers to very simple questions. These are questions which they would otherwise call your establishment to ask. i.e. Operating Hours, Location, Directions, Product Questions for Pick Up, Reservation Queries. Having a website where you are already clearly showcasing this information is good. This will eliminate phone calls having to tend to by your employees. Instead, they can focus on attending to current matters of service at hand. In saying that a business website is only for certain industries, you eliminate innovating. The idea is that you can always revolutionize a known tool to your advantage. If business-to-business, manufacturing or corporate companies thought that only e-commerce businesses should have a website. They are risking the prospect of having bigger clients or potentially branching off to a more global scale of operations. Similarly, if a smaller e-commerce or food industry business thought the same. That only big-scale operations needed a website i.e. large food service chains. They are failing to realize that at the current time, 55% of businesses have taken to having a website. And they are progressively becoming left behind in having an established online presence.

In conclusion…

There is no business out there exempt from needing a business website. Every single one needs to take advantage of this new tool to improve and branch out. It has become less difficult and less expensive for everyone. This has opened the grounds for small-scale businesses to be on the same playing field as the goliaths. And the sooner you start, the more you will reap its rewards in the future.

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